We are three teenagers from Guatemala who conduct workshops on migration for children, teenagers and young people in Quetzaltenango, Salcaja, Totonicapan and Chivarreto.

This team of San Ildefonso, Mexico promotes the artisan’s products of their community.

This team of Coyhaique, Chile uses the nature where their schools are to create workshops of science for girls and boys to allow them to be aware of their reality and reflect.

The team of Puntarenas, Costa Rica produces soap from other soaps to contribute to the environment.

120 Young people from Lima, Perú showed they need to develop abilities to be aware of the problem they face. Because of this they are trained and then they share it with other young people.

We are looking to empower teenagers of our school teaching project management workshops, computer programming, and leadership.

We are young people from San Ildefonso, Amealco, Querétaro, México where roots are still alive.

This project wants to give to the neighborhood useful knowledge to improve their life quality.

It is an educational/cultural program that integrates students, teachers, parents, and government that wants social mobility.

This video shows the work carried out by the maritime-environmental extension group of the Liceo de Costa de Pájaros within the framework of education, protection, good use and exploitation of marine resources.

The INDESOL Plan (Inclusor desarrollo Solidario, name in Spanish) aims to achieve integration between human groups and encourage the development of values in young people through schools.

The program will start with certified students in the four languages that currently taught at the Bicentenario de Excelencia Polivalente San Nicolás School.

"Zero Waste" seeks to raise awareness in society about the risks of water and environmental pollution generate to humanity.