We are a Digital Radio Platform, whose objective is to inform and educate children and adolescents about different aspects of sexuality.

We are students who identified a need in our municipality for natural alternatives, to products for personal use, which are made from medicinal plants, do not cause damage to the body and that are economically accessible.

Young people from Santa Elena, Ecuador, created a radio where the voices of childhood and adolescence are heard.

The team of Puntarenas, Costa Rica produces soap from other soaps to contribute to the environment.

This team from La Pampa, Argentina makes talks and workshops to young people get to know different community organizations that give solutions to problems of their city.

We are students from “Miguel Grau Seminario” educational institution of the Machaybamba village center, Pacucha district, Perú.

The project has as purpose promote strategies to prevent teen pregnancy.

We have detected, through a community diagnostic, that there is a high percentage of children and old people living under the poverty line.

This video shows the work carried out by the maritime-environmental extension group of the Liceo de Costa de Pájaros within the framework of education, protection, good use and exploitation of marine resources.

The INDESOL Plan (Inclusor desarrollo Solidario, name in Spanish) aims to achieve integration between human groups and encourage the development of values in young people through schools.

4 years ago, in the Trujillo women prison, we founded 18 afraid and irritable children, with no time and space to be children.

Our project focuses on creating and boosting agents of change from our rural communities. We represent the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena.

Early stimulation is a series of exercises that facilitate the development of a child's psychomotor and intellectual abilities and can be done up to 6 years old.

The Skate Elect Team U.S. school is a peace initiative promoted by the Kamwara Foundation.

We are a group of young students full of initiative and vision for the future.

We detected in our school and community teen pregnancy cases, often the result of a lack of information.