We are a self-managed project that promotes ecological education.

We are a Digital Radio Platform, whose objective is to inform and educate children and adolescents about different aspects of sexuality.

Consiste la concentración de datos de las y los jóvenes indígenas que nos permita tener un diagnostico de este sector vulnerable y poder vincularlos con las diversas convocatorias conforme a su perfil, creando una alternativa de inclusión, empoderamiento y agentes de cambios locales.

Jóvenes de Estados Unidos ayudan a estudiantes con CTIM por medio de profesionales en talleres después de la escuela.

Young people from Santa Elena, Ecuador, created a radio where the voices of childhood and adolescence are heard.

This team of Santiago, Chile, is trying to bring back to life the books of a forgotten bookcase of their country through the creation of a reading community, where the students of their community share books and then return them to their owners.

The team is from Soyapango, El Salvador. They empower teens of high school to be school leaders in their community through workshops of SDG and human rights.

Prevent bullying through global education? This is what the Margarita Island team in Venezuela does.

This Young people of La Paz, Bolivia realized that the Word poverty is only in our minds and with only personal transformation we will get peace and development.

The Spanish speaker young people that study in the USA face obstacles to integrate into the educational system; this is why the team from Rockville created bridges to solve the problem.

Different types of activities are made in Hernandarias, Paraguay because every young people are different, this means they have a unique potential to be developed. ¡Every one of them is a catalyst for change!

Most schools in the continent have less resource than others; this is why young people of La Ceiba, Honduras have a solution to the problem.

120 Young people from Lima, Perú showed they need to develop abilities to be aware of the problem they face. Because of this they are trained and then they share it with other young people.

This team from La Pampa, Argentina makes talks and workshops to young people get to know different community organizations that give solutions to problems of their city.

The economic growth of Paraguay needs abilities, skills, and values so the citizens, especially young people, get into the economically active population.

The INDESOL Plan (Inclusor desarrollo Solidario, name in Spanish) aims to achieve integration between human groups and encourage the development of values in young people through schools.

Our project contributes to the end of poverty, creating seedbeds of children as future leaders of peace and healing coexistence.

4 years ago, in the Trujillo women prison, we founded 18 afraid and irritable children, with no time and space to be children.

Our project focuses on creating and boosting agents of change from our rural communities. We represent the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena.

"Zero Waste" seeks to raise awareness in society about the risks of water and environmental pollution generate to humanity.