This team of Santiago, Chile, is trying to bring back to life the books of a forgotten bookcase of their country through the creation of a reading community, where the students of their community share books and then return them to their owners.

Most schools in the continent have less resource than others; this is why young people of La Ceiba, Honduras have a solution to the problem.

Make paper by mangle? This is what young people of San Artero, Colombia do.

In Croix des Bouquet, exactly in Lillavois, Haití there are poor families with places to cultivate, but they don’t have the knowledge to do it.

This video shows the work carried out by the maritime-environmental extension group of the Liceo de Costa de Pájaros within the framework of education, protection, good use and exploitation of marine resources.

The INDESOL Plan (Inclusor desarrollo Solidario, name in Spanish) aims to achieve integration between human groups and encourage the development of values in young people through schools.

We are a group of young students full of initiative and vision for the future.

We are 4 young people from the Araucanía, who seek to interact through graffiti in our neighborhoods.

"Zero Waste" seeks to raise awareness in society about the risks of water and environmental pollution generate to humanity.