It consists of the community participating in replacing their disposable cup with a personal one.

Young people from Santa Elena, Ecuador, created a radio where the voices of childhood and adolescence are heard.

The team of Puntarenas, Costa Rica produces soap from other soaps to contribute to the environment.

This Young people of La Paz, Bolivia realized that the Word poverty is only in our minds and with only personal transformation we will get peace and development.

The project not only focuses on work with girls but also with young people and adults of the opposite gender. One of the goals is built together new concepts of masculinity and contribute with youth empowerment, giving new perspectives of it if is possible living in a place without violence and abuse.

Girls help girl mothers in Guatemala, giving them tools to gain self-seem and seek for equal opportunities.

An organization dedicated to work with the community leaders to form aware and dedicated young people to fight for justice and equality for all.

We are a young people team that encourage the community to work for the environment leaving aside age, gender, and ideology.

ConCausa is an initiative of America Solidaria, CEPAL, and UNICEF. It aims to know and spread social innovation proposals that young people of America have been doing in their communities.

The INDESOL Plan (Inclusor desarrollo Solidario, name in Spanish) aims to achieve integration between human groups and encourage the development of values in young people through schools.

4 years ago, in the Trujillo women prison, we founded 18 afraid and irritable children, with no time and space to be children.

Our project focuses on creating and boosting agents of change from our rural communities. We represent the provinces of Guayas and Santa Elena.

"Zero Waste" seeks to raise awareness in society about the risks of water and environmental pollution generate to humanity.