Let's complete 1000 actions to fight the climate crisis!

Let's work towards a sustainable development to overcome child poverty in America

Concausa 2030 is an initiative of ECLAC, UNICEF and América Solidaria, with the collaboration of the Caserta Foundation and the sponsorship of the Pedro de Valdivia Pre-University School, which seeks to find and promote proposals of social innovation that adolescents and young people in the Americas are developing in their communities, while taking ownership of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals – a set of global objectives to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all.

The selected projects will participate in an international meeting in Santiago de Chile, in November 2019. During these days they will take part in workshops and activities aimed at strengthening and developing their skills. The meeting ends with a presentation of the projects – to be held in ECLAC's Raúl Prebisch Hall – in front of their peers and representatives of América Solidaria and the United Nations, including ECLAC and UNICEF.


Peru · Category 01 End of poverty

María Esperanza de la Cruz

CONCAUSA Movement Ecuador 2016 Generation

"(Our project) is a tool and an opportunity for many more young people than those attending CONCAUSA, where we learn and accompany each other in initiatives to change the world. But it has also become a space where young people can grow and become a family, which teaches us about values, and many ways to open our eyes and look for solutions".

Today, Friday March 17, the team of tutors from the Liceo Bicentenario Polivalente de San Nicolás, visited the Piedra Lisa school

The suspense ends for the 706 groups that sent their projects from all over the continent to work towards Sustainable Development.

Today the 17 teams from all over the continent selected to come to the Concausa Regional Meeting met at last.

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