CGC Project

Project Name:

CGC Project


Costa Rica


Kyara Sofia Cascante Suarez

Kristell Pamela Ramirez Segura

Nicole Elena Naranjo Salas

Descripción del Proyecto:

Our project is called Economic and Educational Growth in rural communities. The main objective is to develop different workshops and certified courses together with several NGO's, companies, collaborators and the local government; where learning is encouraged in several areas. Thus, increasing education in rural areas. Economic and commercial growth is also expected, by promoting agricultural, gastronomic and tourist activities in the area. The project is being developed in the community of Cedral. Because of the great distance between the area and the center of the canton, there is a wide gap between the opportunities and the progress of the population. Due to the existing geographical distance, people living in the centre of the canton often cannot imagine the realities of the members of the rural communities.